Milk Island/Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak’s “2 glasses of milk a day!” campaign aiming to enhance growing children’s milk drinking habits, has come to life in imaginary paper city Milk Island. The website which has launched in March 2010 include milky games, rewards and interesting papertoy designs. . Concept drawings by Hakan Kocaeli 3D Models by Evren Rodoplu and Cenk Köksal 3D Animations by Evren Rodoplu and Cenk Köksal Level Design by Evren Rodoplu, Cenk Köksal and Hakan Kocaeli Flash Animations by Turker Mehmet Vural Game Development and coding by Alper Eryurt Site Development by Namık Kaya

We created a digital world made of carton milk boxes to encoureage and inform children about milk's benefits.
I made character design, modeling, texturing, rigging and animation.
Final result is shown below and can be experienced via this link
The whole creative process started with drawings of course..
Character's final 3D look..
River Game..
Boy's animation test for River Game..
Girl's animation test for River Game..
My animation for tv spot
Tagon Animation Test
The Box Character's Pop Up Animation Tests..
Milk Hammer Game..
Boy's Animation Test for Milk Hammer Game..
Supercopter Game..
Milk Tower Game..
Thanks for watching..

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