I'm a London-based animator/director and previs artist who has worked on hundreds of projects over more than 15 years.
I enjoy trying new styles and techniques on every project because I love animation in all its forms.
Additionally, I have worked as a previs artist on tv shows and feature films, including​​​​​​​ Tom&Jerry, The Black List, The Crown, Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, Slumberland
When I'm not animating, I can be found playing video games (usually multiplayer), drawing or watching movies.
Also, I'm really fond of telling my own stories...
That’s why I’ve been creating short films ever since.
My previous short film “Playing House” (Evcilik) co-directed with Özgül Gürbüz and has been officially selected by more than fifty festivals around the world and has won eighteen awards so far.
You can watch the whole film above.
My last short film "The Eye" has just finished its festival period.
So, you can watch it from here. 
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