We interviewed with "Corona" who is the most influential figure of this year for sure...
And here is a complete behind the scene of how we made it...
Character Design
Production: Onion Skin Studio
Writer/Director: Cenk Köksal
Character Design: Cenk Köksal
Storyboard: Cenk Köksal
Concept Artist: Mustafa Gündem
Voice Actor: Bobby Gaglini
Collaborated with: PBD Interactive
Animation Supervisor: Emre Konyalı
Animation: Seray Çataroğlu, Özhan Odak, Emre Konyalı
Character Rigger: Emre Konyalı, Emre Can Üçbaş
BG Artist: Muhammet Durmuş
Additional BG: Erkan Özgür Yılmaz
Sound Design: Murat Çelikkol
Compositing: Muhammet Durmuş
Social Media: İnci Vardar Rodoplu

Thanks to Sezin Önal, Matthew Boston and Cihan Ezerbolat for their creative advices...

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