We interviewed with "Corona" who is the most influential figure of this year for sure...
It is the first one of our new series "Inspiring Figures". More will be coming soon.
Production: Onion Skin Studio
Writer/Director: Cenk Köksal
Character Design: Cenk Köksal
Storyboard: Cenk Köksal
Concept Artist: Mustafa Gündem
Voice Actor: Bobby Gaglini
Collaborated with: PBD Interactive
Animation Supervisor: Emre Konyalı
Animation: Seray Çataroğlu, Özhan Odak, Emre Konyalı
Character Rigger: Emre Konyalı, Emre Can Üçbaş
BG Artist: Muhammet Durmuş
Additional BG: Erkan Özgür Yılmaz
Sound Design: Murat Çelikkol
Compositing: Muhammet Durmuş
Social Media: İnci Vardar Rodoplu

Thanks to Sezin Önal, Matthew Boston and Cihan Ezerbolat for their creative advices...
And here is a complete behind the scene of how we made it...
Character Design

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